Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai recently said no to a big international cosmetics company for an endorsement offer to advertise their skin-lightening cream. According to sources, Aish didn’t think it was right to discriminate someone with their skin color and to interfere with the natural tone.

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Aishwarya Rai

“It was the fairness cream that bothered Aishwarya. She said that she didn’t want to promote a fairness cream especially in India where one’s skin colour is such a big issue. She will never promote a product that discriminates on the basis of one’s skin colour. Ours is a society where biases are so prevalent that she will do all she can to curb it.”

Aish is said to be one actress who is very much motivated by her deep ethics. She endorses only those products which she thinks are efficient in whatever they advertise. She’s not moved by any amount of money involved in the deals and that is why she said no to a mosquito-repellent company to replace Rani Mukherji in their ad.

The skin-cream will now be endorsed by newcomer Sonam Kapoor and the company cites her ‘young face’ as the reason for her signing.

But, now we know the truth!

More photos and a video of Aishwarya Rai are below.

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