pamela anderson

Pamela Anderson seems to have changed her mind just three days after filing for divorce to end her two-month marriage with Paris Hilton sex-video fame Rick Salomon.

The busty star had allegedly dumbed the guy citing ‘irreconcilable differences’.

In an updated entry on her website Monday, Anderson added the following note: “P.S. We’re working things out…”

So.. does anyone has any idea whatsoever about what’s happening??
I guess I’m not alone here!

She even denied about working with Rick in their realty TV show.


On Thursday, the actress wrote on her blog:
“I WAS considering…Only to promote and have people see what it’s like to create a show and be on stage starring in a big Vegas production. (probably not happening anymore) not my family life. (Never my kids) I have to make a lot of big decisions. The choices I have to make now are about quality of life. And meaning. Not about money or fame for no good reason. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But no regrets — Just living such a huge dream….I’m blessed. So many options. I can’t complain. I can be confused.”

After reading about this news only.. I stumbled upon her blog.
She writes with a unique passion on her blog.. probably she’s not as dumb as she looks!

Anderson, 40, and Salomon, 39, a longtime pal, tied the knot on Oct. 6 at the Mirage Hotel Las Vegas. It was the third marriage for both.

The Baywatch babe was previously married to Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. Salomon, who is best known as Paris Hilton’s partner in the infamous sex tape, “One Night in Paris,” was once married to actress Shannen Doherty of Beverly Hills 90210 fame.

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