South Indian actress Namitha has been shot changing her clothes inside a caravan while shooting for a movie. The dress change video, featuring the busty actress, is currently doing rounds on the internet. This is the first major controversial video after Trisha’s bathroom clip leaked in February this year.

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Kim Kardashian was another victim of a controversial video

The actress, who is currently in Mumbai, says she is shocked about the incident and does not know when it was taken.

This is the first time an actress has been shot inside a caravan and the video clearly shows Namitha changing her clothes but it’s still unclear who put the camera over there and for which movie was she shooting for.

Namitha is currently in Mumbai for the movie Jagan Mohini.

Usually Caravans are given to big celebrities and to all actresses so that they can take rest, change their clothes, dine and have some comfort like at home. But these have become curses to some actresses.

Namitha is said to be one of the most-searched females in India with over 60 million internet surfers looking for information on her every month.

Video of Namitha is below.

Namitha Video

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