Bollywood newcomer Anushka Sharma was recently interviewed after the release of her first movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and she says that although the movie didn’t work well… nobody said it’s a stupid movie. She defends her performance in the movie and says that though logic is not seen in Rab Ne, it’s just a way of showing things.


SRK plays lead in RNBDJ

When asked ‘how can a woman not be able to identify her own husband just because he shaves off his mustache?’… she says:

“What is logic? You can’t show everything in a film, one has to understand that Tani has looked through Suri all her life, so even in her wildest dreams she would never imagine that a man like Suri would join dance classes. She doesn’t even notice if Suri has folded his shirt’s sleeves, so it doesn’t strike her easily that Raj is her husband. Out of the 90% people who have liked the film, nobody has said it’s a ‘bakwaas’ (meaningless) film that gives you a headache.”

Anushka also says that though her selection was by chance when the producers saw her photos on a website while looking for a new face… she didn’t take it as granted and knew she had to deliver even though the movie was in good hands of SRK and Adi Chopra.

Finally, on comparing with other newcomers lke Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, Anushka gets bold:

“Nobody has asked me this question, may be they were scared to ask! I don’t think I look like Sonam. She has very different features. If you observe people too closely you will find some kind of similarity between everyone. As far as Deepika is concerned, other then we being models, the comparison is silly. You can’t compare a debutante to an actress who has done three films.”

A video of Rab Ne is below.

Rab Ne Video

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