Coinciding with the release of India’s most awaited movie of recent times, is a movie which is completely different. Jumbo is India’s first animated movie for the general audience in true sense. However, it’s a different story that… it’s not that great as those of living souls!

Akshay Kumar opt

Akshay Kumar

Jumbo is a story of a little elephant, Jumbo (Akshay Kumar) who finds himself in the middle of a helpless kingdom, vulnerable to war and without the support of his royal father. The revenge-driven soul also finds love in she-elephant Sonia (Lara Dutta).

Jumbo is a stereotypical revenge drama. Even so, this time it’s a sweet-looking elephant and not a gun-toting Amitabh Bachchan looking to serve justice. Together, a grown-up Jumbo vows to free Shakti Nagar from the evil rulers of Shauryagarh and their beastly accomplice Bakhtavar (Gulshan Grover).

The voice-overs of Dimple Kapadia and Rajpal Yadav score over others. Gulshan Grover has also done a wonderful job. The movie has been copied from a Thai-animation film Khan Kluay.

Somehow, I don’t really like the way Indian animated movies are made. This is a major setback for me, even though Jumbo is a big leap in the technology. The movie is good for children and a decent Christmas outing, but not entertaining for the elder ones. I’ll give it an average rating.

A video of Jumbo is below.

Jumbo Video

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