The movie you’ve all been waiting for… Ghajini is nothing short of your expectations! Have seen a lot of Ghajini reviews with ratings from ‘Not Bad’ to ‘Blockbuster’?? Well, make up your mind fast and go to the nearest theater to see the movie yourselves… it’s good.

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Aamir Khan

The best part of Ghajini is obviously its content and of course the presence of All Mighty Aamir Khan. The guy has graced the screening of the movie with a body, that is (somehow) rivaling with those of traditional Bollywood Greek Gods.

Ghajini is a revenge saga, one ingredient that has been the staple diet of Hindi films since time immemorial. It is a powerful film. It has the power to sweep you off your feet from the word ‘go’. It has a riveting story, which has been told with flourish by director A.R. Murugadoss. And, of course, it has a knockout performance by Aamir Khan.

The movie will go on for almost three hours, so brace yourself with lots of popcorn in the interval, ’cause every scene is thrilling and the flow of the movie doesn’t get interrupted with the long run. So, it’s kind of your old Hindi movies… copied from previous hits in other languages, with a good star cast and long!

About the music, I don’t think there is much to say. Songs have been topping the charts for weeks now and have a melodious tone thanks to A.R. Rehman.

The most popular song ‘Guzarish‘ is a romantic one with accent given to its melodious tune. The star of the song is singer Javed Ali. he puts in a wonderfully spirited rendition of the song, infusing life into every word. The mood of Guzarish changes from being pensive to the middle upbeat portion. Words like “Tu meri adhuri pyaas pyaas; tu aa gayee mann ko raas raas”, are simple yet memorable. A wonderful, melodic start to the album of the movie.

Aamir plays Sanjay Singhania, a wealthy cellphone company owner, who suffers from short-term memory loss after being hit from an iron rod on his head. He tattoos everything on his body, whatever he feels the need to remember later. His sole objective in the movie is to find the murderer of his girlfriend Kalpana (Asin). There is quite a lot of suspense in the movie… and I suppose some of you might be knowing it also. I don’t want to be a spoilsport but everyone gets messages! You know… the Tamil version is the original one with the same story.

In the end, I would just say that my review will obviously not going to change anything… everyone’s heard of the movie (thanks to the enormous hype) and YOU WILL watch the movie… so, don’t waste your time.

More photos and a video of Ghajini are below.

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Aamir promoting Ghajini Photos

Ghajini Video

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