Much-awaited Aamir Khan movie ‘Ghajini‘ seems to be heading towards trouble just a day shy of it’s release.

Apparently, some movie company KBC Pictures claim that they have the right to re-make the original Tamil movie and hence, the producers of Ghajini have to put a stay on the release. But, the good news is that Ghajini will be released as scheduled on Christmas.

Aamir Khan 1

Aamir Khan

“This is such a blatant and crude method to stop our film’s release,” producer Madhu Mantena said. “But it’s a rather sad misuse of the judiciary by people who have nothing better to do than harass others. Where do they get the time to indulge in such transparently-fraudulent efforts? I mean, who had heard of ‘Kahani Ghajini Ki’ until now? I hadn’t.” He said it was an “insignificant case which will not affect the release of the film”.

There will be special previews of the movie on December 24th but no premiere, according to producers.

Meanwhile, the buzz is that Aamir Khan lived on egg white for 13 months for the muscular look that he showcases in this movie.

“Aamir’s body is mostly made on eggs as he used to have 16 egg whites through the day. I advised him to follow a two-egg whites and toast meal every two hours. Besides that, he also consumed 250 gram barbecued chicken for lunch and dinner each,” trainer Satyajit Chaurasia said.

A video of Ghajini is below.

Ghajini Video

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