There is a new friendship budding in Bollywood. The buzz is that actress-turned-businesswoman Preity Zinta is liking the company of the new queen of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif. Now that’s a rare combo!

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Preity Zinta

Katrina is one to quickly admit that she doesn’t have too many friends amongst the female folk in B’wood but absolutely adores Preity darling. The duo manages to take time out of their busy schedules to chat, shop and hang out with each other. In her words she claimed, “Preity is such a warm and lovely person.”

While almost everyone believes that two actresses can’t be friends in this industry… these two seems to be defying the logic. Preity is definitely Ms. Bubbly of Bollywood and is very friendly but that’s what even Priyanka used to think!

So, to say about friendship is only true till some time.

The interesting bit would be to wait till they act together in a movie! We would love to see the self-confessed all-rounder of Bollywood to tackle on the real thing.

More photos and a video of Preity Zinta are below.

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