Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, who is famous for her role in the movie Nishabd with Amitabh Bachchan, seems to be unhappy about not being part of the promotions of her new movie Ghajini.

Since she’s playing a very small role in the movie, that seems to be understandable. Maybe her item number will cheer her up with the attention she’ll be getting after Ghajini releases on 25th December.

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Jiah Khan

“I’d like to say that Jiah Khan does exist in Ghajini (laughs). It’s up to Aamir Khan and the producers of Ghajini and the way they want to publicize the film. What they’ve done with my role and my image is going to be a big surprise. But why they’ve kept me out of the promos is something you’ll have to ask the producers.”

So, what does she think about Aamir’s new found physique in the movie?

“You know what; I was on the sets passing him, while he was in his boxer shorts shooting a scene. I actually stopped and couldn’t breathe. He looked amazing. I don’t know how he came up with such a physique but one thing is certain, that, it is going to melt a many.”

Meanwhile, it is heard that Aamir helped Jiah learn Urdu for some sequences in the movie. Although, the director made sure that Jiah had access to a dialogues coach… but Aamir came to rescue whenever she’d be stuck.

More photos and a video of Jiah Khan are below.

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