Bollywood actresses are known for their blonde-like behavior and Shilpa Shetty has proved that recently.

What happened was that Shetty injured her foot with a sharp metal piece, while shooting for an international movie Desire, and now says that her big sunglasses made her blind! I mean… why do you wear such things? Just to show off??

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Shilpa Shetty

She writes on her blog:

“I hurt my foot bad enough to get 15 stitches… don’t ask me how. In a freak accident, thanks to my big sunglasses and nose in the air, I overlooked a sharp metal piece that slit my foot, thankfully not below but over the foot.”

“It is nothing that local anesthesia, a tetanus injection and antibiotics couldn’t solve. There’s nothing to worry about other than my dates that have gone for a toss, disabling me from taking Odissi lessons for my new film ‘Desire’,” she wrote.

And, in the end, she gives us the advice: “Look before you leap and stay grounded.”

Well, we’d definitely pay heed to that!

Anyways, Desire is an Indo-Chinese project and Shilpa is paired with Chinese actor Xia Yu in the movie.

More photos and a video of Shilpa Shetty are below.

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Shilpa Shetty Photos

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