Bollywood action hero Akshay Kumar will be starring in Nikhi Advani’s next movie Chandbhai. The movie will be made in collaboration with Warner Bros. studio and will star Vidya Balan in the opposite lead.

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Akshay Kumar

The story of the movie is about two people falling deeply in love while they spend their time in a juvenile detention facility.

Apparently, Warner Bros. have signed a three movie deal with Mukesh Talreja and Nikhil Advani’s People Tree Films and Chandbhai would be one of them. The other movies include Jaane kahan se aayi hai and Basra.

“We are looking at releasing Jaane kahan se aayi hai in the summer of 2009, Chandbhai during Diwali (fall) and Basra will hit the cinemas at the end of 2009,” said Talreja.

Meanwhile, Akshay is already busy with promotions of his two new movies that’ll be releasing pretty soon. While Chandni Chowk To China is a comedy, Jumbo is an animated film based on the life of a baby elephant. Many people are suggesting that Chandni Chowk is based on the life story of Akshay Kumar, but the actor refuses.

Chandni Chowk to China is not an biographical. The only similarity was that like myself in real life, the protagonist also works as a cook.”

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