Now this is something I’ve never heard before.. Katie Price ‘Jordan’ has put her ‘retired’ breast implants for auction on ebay.


Because now she’s going to have a surgery to downsize her assets from a rare FF cup to a “smaller and more pert” size. Whats more.. she’s giving a percentage of the price to charity.

She says, “Some people may say I’m sick, but I think it’s better than them being dumped in a hospital bin!”

Now, what really bothered me was why this lady wants to go under the knife for a different reason? Isn’t it the season to show off your cleavage and get into the exclusive ‘silicon club’ when everyone is getting a boob job done??

And it would be like ‘loosing one’s identity’ for her!

But one thing is for sure.. Katie is one of the very few women who can actually put a nice price tag on her boobs.. just look at them and you’ll know why!

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