Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor has shown that besides from being a good actor, he’s also a responsible boss.

Recently, while shooting for an ad shoot in Goa, his make-up man Srikant got his fingers badly injured and there wasn’t any doctor available. Shahid came forward to take him to the hospital and drove his make-up van. The hospital was at quite a distance from the location and the work was going behind the schedule. But, Shahid knew his priorities.

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Shahid Kapoor

“Shahid did not move till Srikant felt completely okay. He got back to the set only when Srikant was given first aid. It delayed the shoot for a few hours,” said a unit hand. Interestingly, Shahid was not ready the time this accident happened. Now when the make up man was injured the question was who will do Shahid’s make up? “Shahid didn’t wait for other make up artist rather did his own make up and shot for the ad,” said our source.

In a world where we constantly hear about actors showing nakhres all the time, I think that’s the perfect example of being a responsible colleague.

Meanwhile, Shahid’s look for his new movie Kaminay, is still a mystery and he’s been shying away from all the social functions. Strict instructions fron the director have left him out of the public gaze for a long time.

A video of Shahid Kapoor is below.

Shahid Kapoor Video

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