Julie‘ fame Neha Dhupia seems to have opted for an image makeover in Bollywood. The actress who is famous for her truly glamorous and seducing roles… has been seen in movies like Dasvidaniya, Dus Kahaniyaan and Mithya off lately.

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Neha Dhupia

And now her latest movie, Maharathi portrays her in the role of an aspiring actress with Bollywood stalwarts like Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal and Om Puri.

“I had the image of a glam girl, but now after doing serious roles in some films, people no longer see me as a glamorous girl anymore,” she says. “An actress in a glamorous outfit can also do serious roles,” Dhupia claims.

Well said… but it’s still to be seen if she can really take off with that image. While Dasvidaniya was an extremely good movie, it seemed like more of an art movie, so didn’t work on the masala-dominated box office. Anyways, her role was a very small one. Maharathi, which released just yesterday, got bad reviews right from the start. The absence of any big names and almost no publicity has certainly taken toll.

“I play the character of an aspiring actress, who is very ambitious. It is a complex character with grey shades,” Neha says.

More photos and a video of Neha Dhupia are below.

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