neha dhupia

Neha Dhupia is one actress in Bollywood who leads everyone in staying hygienic, by example.. literally!

While shooting for the recently released film Dus Kahaniyaan, Neha was required to lick a co-star’s hand for a scene. But the hygiene-conscious lady refused to act until the guy had washed his hands five times!

“I’m very finicky and particular about personal hygiene, when the director wanted me to lick my co-star’s hand for a scene, I did tell him to go and wash it 5 times,” laughs Neha.

Now that’s hilarious.. but not exactly new.
Aishwarya made Shah Rukh, wash his mouth 4 to 5 times before allowing him to spit water on her face for a scene in Josh!

We’ve also heard that Neha had been sticking to a strict diet routine and had been sweating it out in the gym, for the movie.
Now, as we can tell, not only has she attained a slim figure but also a completely new look.

“It hasn’t come easy as I am a complete foodie sticking to a strict diet was the toughest thing. But then when I look at myself in the mirror now, I feel it was worth the trouble,” says she.

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