This birthday would be very special for Arjun Rampal. As he turns 36 today, he’ll be celebrating like a true Bollywood star. Recent movies have performed really well and the guy has come out of the closet after a long time.

The former long distance runner and super model is the new entrant in the elite list of A-listers.

Arjun Rampal 3

From cheering Shah Rukh’s cricket team in the IPL matches to attending last week’s opening of Atlantis in Dubai, Arjun is now seen in the company of Bollywood’s elite. With his stack of flop films and struggling days behind, Arjun has every reason to be upbeat and positive, especially today.

The celebrations will be very subtle and he’ll be just having dinner with friends and family. Although, model wife Mehr Jessia’s birthday on 30th November will be celebrated in a big way.

Arjun was last seen in EMI and was appreciated for his performance, although the movie failed to create any magic on the box office. He plays a DJ in the movie who’s caught in the vicious circle of loans and payment.

“Like my character in the film, I like to spin some music in real life as well. I have seen that phase of getting rich and successful very fast without working that hard when I was young. I did not realize the repercussions of taking loans or making big in life. I did not realize that it is more work that will make you big in life rather than materialistic things around you.”

More photos and a video of Arjun Rampal are below.

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