spice girls

Spice Girls are back! The nostalgia and the millions of fans’ hopes were seemed to be running high while they performed in the sell-out show in Vancouver on 2nd December.

But now some behind the scenes reports indicate that the girls are somewhat not happy with each other’s performances and apparently other issues.

So, here’s the little chemistry between them.. Mel ‘Scary’ B was not happy with Geri while rehearsing for the dance routine of Stop, Victoria had a disagreement with Mel B while dancing on Spice Up Your Life and everyone attacked Posh for wasting too much time chatting with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes when they came to watch rehearsals with baby Suri.

I know that’s a bit complicated.. considering the fact that they told Fox News in a recent interview that everyones getting along pretty fine.

“All of us together again, it is like a marriage,” said Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell.
“You just learn to understand each other, celebrate the differences.”

“We don’t fight and we don’t share clothes,” Melanie “Scary” Brown said. “And we don’t sleep together!”

So, let’s just hope they keep their differences at bay and concentrate more on their performances because people really have lots of expectations from them.. I have heard fans had travelled from as far as Italy to watch the gig in Canada.

Now that’s ‘Girl Power’!

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