Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is in news these days for almost everything she does. And why not, the girl is flying high after the success of her latest movie Fashion, in which her acting was also critically acclaimed.

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Kangana, who entered Bollywood with a very skinny figure, is sporting her new found curves these days. She shares her secret in a recent interview:

“I do yoga. I never miss out on Pranayam and medication. My guru is Suryanarayan. I do all these things as I sincerely believe a person should always be energetic. It’s not about controlling weight and inches to look good. 5 kgs here and there is fine. Your body cannot handle low energy, your work and inner being suffers. So keep a check on diet and nutrition.”

So… now you know, what made Shonali a show-stopper!

Meanwhile, the new sultry babe has been featured on the cover of ‘Seventeen‘ in the latest issue.

The ravishing Kangana looks stunning in a pretty pink dress and cascading locks, a la Rapunzel.

Well, not bad for a relative new-comer in the industry!

More photos and a video of Kangana Ranaut are below.

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