MTV Roadies winner Ashutosh Kaushik just won Bigg Boss 2 beating Raja Chaudhary in the second place and model Zulfi Syed in the third place. Ashutosh was handed the prize money of Rs 1 crore and a nice trophy by none other than new Bollywood king Akshay Kumar.

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The ceremony was held in front of the Bigg Boss house in Lonavala and there were a lot of performances by all the House evicts. Rahul Mahajan, who was the favorite to win the top prize, was handed out a car for his appearance.

While… frankly speaking… I had thought Zulfi to win because of his fair game and behavior all through out the 98 days stay at the house but may be the hype got the better off everyone.

Talking about Ashutosh, he’s the reigning Roadies champion and had set the game going with his reality TV tactics and strategic game. No one could have believed that a guy from a very small town, where his father owns a dhaba, will be winning two of the biggest reality TV shows in the country.

Best of luck to the newest celebrity in town!

A video of Bigg Boss 2 is below.

Photos: WENN