Subhash Ghai’s new movie ‘Yuvvraaj‘ is the only movie which was released today but this is not the killer factor that will pave the way for it to be a big hit. Read the review and see the photos and video of Yuvvraaj below.


Yuvvraaj is basically a musical and not a movie in the proper sense. Though the concept of musicals is rather rare in Bollywood than elsewhere… there have been good ones in the past like Taal, incidentally another Subhash Ghai movie. It has been a long time since then. This is Salman Khan’s first movie with the legendary showman. And, I must say he’s done pretty well in the movie.

Salman has shown why he still rules on the box office. His beautiful performance has been sewn very artistically in the emotions of family relations and the greed for money.

The story is about Deven Yuvvraaj (Salman) who left his rich family after a feud with his father and works in an orchestra where he finds his love Anoushka (Katrina). Deven has to return to his family fold when his girl’s father (Boman Irani) wants him to be financially stable. While inside the family, he realizes how different his two brothers Gyanesh (Anil) and Danny (Zayed) have become and that money has been an important issue. Then begins the tale of three brothers, intermingled with the need of inheritance tied to the name of mentally-challenged Anil Kapoor and no one to guide them.

The script is very well written, only the content has been a little loose. The music and the star cast can compensate for the movie’s faults by a large extent.

The amazing A.R. Rehman music is a big hit in the country and almost all the songs are very well written and sung.

The look of the movie is very retro yet refreshing. It has been shot in Prague and Austria and all the locations are very beautifully connected to the storyline.

In my opinion, Yuvvraaj will do very good business-wise and will be one of the very few ones to score a better critics’ rating than the readers’. The soothing music is obviously the USP of the movie and a special mention to Katrina who’s looking very pretty in the movie.

More photos and a video of Yuvvraaj are below.

Yuvvraaj 2 Yuvvraaj 3 Yuvvraaj 4

Photos: Eros Multimedia