Ever since the trailers of Pink Panther 2 have been released, the media is asking just one question and that is why Aishwarya Rai has been sidelined in the movie? You can watch the trailer below.

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Aish plays detective Sophie Solandres who is a part of a team of international detectives which tries to solve the mystery of the missing diamond. It is said that the movie is better than the first part.

Steve Martin was to appear with Aish in all the promos but the idea was later dropped.

“I haven’t seen Pink Panther but I loved doing the film. It’s a fun film and very obviously it’s an ensemble film. All actors in the film are talented and we have not kept a tab on the screen time, camera presence each of us have. It’s a film where various actors have come together.I have been working in movies for 12 years and I have never ever dictated or questioned my directors. I am innately secure and confident. Its your (press) job to scrutinize but I am glad people here are being supportive of Indian representation in foreign films.”

Well said… in my opinion the fuss is all because Aish enjoys a very high status in India and so Indian media is unable to grasp the fact that even she can be casted in a supporting role.

Rai was in Mumbai for a day to attend a promotional event for luxury watches brand Longines. She is currently shoots for Robot in Kerala.

More photos and a video of Pink Panther 2 are below.

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