Bollywood actress Riya Sen has been out of the limelight for a while. I heard that she’s been very busy with her new projects and is working very hard. It is really strange to see a party-regular to be skipping all the major bashes in Bollywood, but I guess the girl is growing up!

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Anyways, the latest about Riya is that she will not be celebrating Christmas with her family as usual. She has prior commitments to perform for a show in Hong Kong and will be over there with friends.

But, for the new year celebrations… she’ll be back home.

“I had many offers to do shows in London, Dubai, Australia, Delhi and various other places but I chose to do a show in Pune as my friends and family will be there.”

This festive season will going to be very hectic for the girl. Even her sister Raima will be away.

Meanwhile, Riya has bought a new gadget recently. She now owns a shining new Blackberry! Sources say that the girl is spending quite a much time on her new toy and is always online.

While Raima is on Gmail using her iPhone, Riya is on hotmail with her Blackberry. So no SMS guys just get their email ids… and get chatting!

A video of Riya Sen is below.

Photos: WENN