The latest season of reality show Bigg Boss could’t be more controversial.

First, he broke the small rules by switching off the speakers and now Rahul Mahajan has broken the biggest rule of the house… he climbed the wall to get out of the house for a dinner at some good restaurant with other three mates.

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While everyone else said sorry, Rahul preferred to move out of the Bigg Boss house than to apologize.

“After the crew stopped the house-mates from going out of the house, Bigg Boss demanded an apology from all of them as it is against the rules to break out of the house. The other three apologized but Rahul refused to do so. That’s why he was evicted from the house,” says a source.

The spokesperson of the show was unavailable, but it is said that Rahul’s sister Poonam came to Lonavala to take him back home in Mumbai.

Rahul was the most popular participant because of his foolish acts and flirting nature. There seems to be a lot of money riding on him in the market and many people have even guessed that he might be recalled in to the house afterwards.

A video of Bigg Boss is below.

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