With new Bond flick Quantum of Solace doing good in the theaters worldwide, Daniel Craig is surely a happy man. The guy was recently interviewed in which he talks about the Bollywood lady with the best figure around.

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Shilpa Shetty is definitely blessed. With her almost hour-glass shaped body, she can surely make anyone drooling over her… no matter if it’s the guy with a license to kill!

“She has a killing figure, just right for a Bond girl”, said Craig.

“She is beautiful and very talented too. I think she looks great”.

Well, Shilpa was indeed considered to play Bond girl but it didn’t work out. It would definitely be interesting to see the lady, who got immense international fame after appearing in a U.K. reality show, seducing the spy in the true Bollywood style!

Anyways, talking about Quantum of Solace… the movie garnered almost $67 million in collections over the weekend in the North American market. It is a record for a Bond movie which was earlier held by Die Another Day, which could manage only $47 million.

In over two weeks since its release, the movie has collected $250 million worldwide.

More photos and a video of Shilpa Shetty are below.

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Photos: WENN