Bollywood star and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra is upset these days. No… it’s not because of poor showing of Dostana on the box office front, but because of some news channels reporting about her having gone for cosmetic surgeries for that amazing look.

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Apparently, a channel aired a doctor talking about Priyanka’s cosmetic surgeries recently. She’s angry as she hadn’t been under the knife for that matter and plans to take legal action against the doctor.

“We might take some legal action. We are seeing if people are picking this up,” Priyanka told After Hrs. “It does affect me. I feel sad that people who write such things do not understand that though I’m a celebrity for them but I’m someone’s daughter, relative or neighbor. So, when they write such things about me or my personal life, which are not true, they fail to realize that it may affect my parents who might be reading what they wrote the next day,” she says.

Now that’s one angry Priyanka!

Anyways, after Dostana released and people got to know that both John and Abhishek try to woo her in the movie, even act gay if it needs to… she’s fielding questions about her choice.

“Neither of them, or rather both of them… I’d love it if my guy had John’s nature, and Abhishek’s sense of humour and charm. A mixture of the two of them would be perfect!”

Well, I’m sure Mr. Baweja is listening!

More photos and a video of Priyanka Chopra are below.

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Photos: WENN