The ‘Khan Wars’ have returned! Salman has yet done it what he’s famous for… creating another controversy to keep making headlines.

Recently, Salman was asked about what does he think about Shah Rukh Khan, especially after the much-publicized feud at Katrina’s birthday party two months ago. Guess what Salman had to say?

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“Who’s SRK? I have never heard about him before.”

Well… ok! No Salman, he’s nothing much to know about… SRK is just ‘another guy’ who’s an actor and who’s fan base exceeds that of Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise put together. He’s literally worshiped in India and people wait for a new song of his latest movie more eagerly than they do for cricket world cup final.

Anyways, that’s just Salman… hell, he even called Vivek Oberoi an idiot and a person who takes ‘panga‘ with celebrities to get his photo published in a film gossip magazine besides that celebrity!

So, who does he know in the industry?

“I am friendlier with Bachchan family. I have paired up with Amitabh Bachchan for couple of films and a flick with Abhishek Bachchan. They are good performers on the screen and it was nice working with them”.

Just recently, Abhishek told in an interview that Sallu is on the sidelines and is an actor with ‘more’ potential.

Wonder, what kind of friendship is that!

More photos and a video of Salman Khan are below.

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Photos: WENN