beyonce knowles

Rapper Jay-Z recently celebrated his 38th birthday in Paris with his longtime sweetheart Beyonce Knowles.

It was a quiet affair, with the two of them having spent the whole day alone.

“The two spent a leisurely day inside their hotel suite (which overlooks the famed Tuileries garden) and, at one point, Knowles hit the hotel’s luxurious spa. As evening fell, the couple took a Maybach limo for a romantic drive around the City of Light before settling down to an intimate dinner upstairs at popular restaurant L’Avenue.”

Jay-Z arrived in Paris on 3nd December after he joined Kanye West in England for his stage show.
The rap heavyweights were rumoured to be planning a duet at the London leg of West’s “Glow In The Dark” tour last month, so it was kind of a surprise.

Beyonce arrived the next day, jetting in, following Sunday’s performance at “Movies Rock.”

I was expecting big Hip-Hop royalty lifestyle kind-of a bash.. but sadly it was a just a private thing.

They are surely a great couple, though she was rather overdressed (purplelicious!). On second thoughts, they are in Paris and we all know what fashion is like over there!