Bollywood sexy-siren Bipasha Basu shocked everyone when she suddenly left a shoot in progress in Kashmir and returned home in Mumbai, without even telling anyone in the unit.

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“They don’t know what hit them. The morale in our unit is pretty low. Sanjay Dutt who landed here to start work immediately is suddenly at a loose end. He’s taking an impromptu holiday right now,” informed producer Bunty Walia.

We’re talking about the shooting of Rahul Dholakia’s new movie ‘Lamhaa‘. What’s interesting is that, just hours after Bipasha left… Sanjay Dutt landed in Srinagar to shoot with her. Apparently, Basu was afraid of the violent crowds in Kashmir and people throwing them at her. She even thought that the security was not enough and she was being accommodated in a non-descript location because of that. The new location being discussed is said to be Manali.

“We’re going to shoot only the action scenes there,” informs director Rahul Dholakia. “We don’t know what happened with Bipasha because she has told us nothing. She seemed fine in the morning. Suddenly we heard she had left. I suppose a film on the making of Lamhaa would be as interesting as the film itself, though we’ve no footage of Bipasha leaving Srinagar.”

The unit is scheduled to return to Srinagar in January and they hope that Bipasha will follow suit.

Lamhaa‘ also stars Kunak Kapoor and Shernaz Patel.

More photos and a video of Bipasha Basu are below.

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Photos: WENN