Much-awaited Aamir Khan movie ‘Ghajini‘ kick-started its promotional campaign with the release of a song ‘Guzarish‘. The song video can be seen on any music channel these days and it’s already a big hit. You can check it out after the text.


The tunes have been composed by A.R. Rahman and the video is equally eye-catching.

“What is noticeable is a much younger looking Aamir Khan with the scar on the head gone missing. With a boyish charm to boast, Aamir Khan reminds one of the 90s when he appeared as a romantic lover boy on films like Dil and Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke. Also commendable is the fact that this time around, a tune by Rahman has turned out to be instantly catchy, something which is not the case with most of his tunes that require repeated hearing before making a long lasting impression.”

Ghajini‘ was previously made in Tamil in 2005 and was a huge hit. Aamir decided to make the movie in Hindi and the cast includes South-Indian actress Asin and Jiah Khan. The movie started shooting in May 2007 and the songs have been shot in the background of the Deadpan Desert of Namibia and South Africa.

The release of the full soundtrack is due on November 15th.

Photos and a video of Guzarish is below.