Supermodel Mugdha Godse is all set to become a star actress now. Her latest movie Fashion has been a critically-acclaimed hit and is riding high on a blend of controversies and it’s reality-based story.

Mugdha Godse 1

It’ll not be wrong to say that Mugdha over-shadowed Priyanka Chopra in the movie, with her role of Janet.

“After having been a successful model, I wanted to give films a try. I got numerous offers, but it was the script of Fashion that intrigued me. As a fresher and being cast in a team that boasted some of the biggest names in the industry, I’m proud that I’ve created history with my role as Janet.”

Godse says that her phone hasn’t stopped ringing since the movie has been released. She is now looking beyond and to a new beginning in her life. She has already been signed-up by a major production house for a three movie deal and will be looking forward to a prosperous 2009.

Meanwhile, as it happens after the release of almost all his movies, director Madhur Bhandarkar’s rise to riches story is again making news. While people are saying that Fashion is his best movie ever, the guy personally likes Satta.

“I have received more that 400 SMSes saying that I have done a brilliant and outstanding job. They say that this is the best movie, but I don’t know, because every time I make a movie people say that is the best one I’ve made. I’m a film maker who experiments. However I would say that Satta was the best movie I made while Corporate was outstanding in terms of making the movie; it was a critically acclaimed movie.”

More photos and a video of Mugdha Godse are below.

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