Karan Johar seems to be visibly upset with his director Tarun Mansukhani, who is shooting his first movie Dostana starring Abhishek, John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra.

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It is reported that there is one song in the movie which was shot in a way that Karan didn’t like from any angle. He didn’t find the ‘it’ factor in the song and ordered for a re-shoot. While the original song was shot in Miami, the ‘makeover’ song was shot in Filmistan studios in Mumbai.

“I left it entirely to my director Tarun Mansukhani and to the choreographer Feroz (who’s been Farah Khan’s assistant for ten years). So you’ll have to ask Tarun what happened,” says Karan.

Now, let’s see what director Tarun has to say about that.

“I deliberately didn’t shoot the song with John and Abhishek together. I wanted at least this one song ‘Maa Da Ladla’ to look different from the rest of the film where they’re constantly together, fooling around, chumming it up. They shot individually, so the masti of the rest of the movie was missing on the sets.”

Can you spot the contradiction?? I can!

More photos and a video of Dostana are below.

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