marisa miller

Marisa is a strawberry blonde surfer-turned-model who started out as a sans clothing model but later on she became a mainstream figure.

She walked the Victoria’s Secret runway this year for the first time in traditional bra, panties and wings while men hid their erections with their program!

The public was quick to celebrate her curvy and robust frame, as well as her strong, all-natural features.

“It’s just larger than life, it didn’t really become real to me until I had that outfit on, because it’s literally a dream to be in a Victoria’s Secret fashion show.”

Marisa’s sexiness is proportional to the garments she’s wearing.
She was particularly sexy in the video of the 2004 Sports Illustrated photo shoot. Dressed like an Iowa farm girl, she definitely stood out from her colleagues Ana Beatriz Barros and Bridget Hall.

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So, what does she do.. while she’s not modeling?

“The first thing I do every morning is go online to check the surf. If the waves are good, I’ll go surf. The beach is 10 minutes away.”

In 2004, Marisa also took her talents to television, serving as a modeling judge in the short-lived reality show Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model.

Take a note of her people.. this girl is here to stay!

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