Pop star Britney Spears unveiled the cover of her new album ‘Circus‘ today on her official website. She also released the names of the new tracks in the album.

Britney Spears 1

While, we all have listened to Womanizer a lot of times… the other singles include Circus, Out From Under, Kill the Lights and Shattered Glass among others.

Womanizer has broken many chart records after the release and has paved the way for her to come back on the top as she had done with her previous five studio albums. It is also the best digital debut of any female artist. There is also a nice skin-showing video accompanying the song.

About the new track, Circus, Britney says that it is a very fast and exciting song.

“The song is an up-tempo track,” explains the 26-year-old singer’s official Web site, adding that it would be extremely “crazy.”

The album is due on her 27th birthday on December 2nd.

Meanwhile, Britney’s dad retained the rights to own her property for a long term while the troubled singer is under the scanner due to her unstable mental health. She had appealed to retain the permanent conservatorship.

“The conservatorship is necessary and appropriate for the complexity of financial and business entities and her being susceptible to undue influence,” Fox News quoted LA Superior Court Commissioner Riva Goetz as saying.

More photos and a video of Britney Spears are below.

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Photos: WENN