Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria recently appeared in Bambi Awards show in Dusseldorf, Germany and left many guessing whether she got surgery done to enhance her cleavage.

Eva, wearing a long strapless red gown, showed off her bigger-than-ever assets while she walked on the red carpet with hubby Tony Parker.

It may be true, if you look at her in those photos, and also considering the fact that she admires Demi Moore’s health concerns, who recently got an expensive make-over done, surgically.

“I want to look like Demi when I’m 42. It’s obviously emotional health. And it’s obviously your physical health, but there’s a lot of maintenance involved, and I’m not talking about anti-ageing. I’m just talking about general health.”

So, now Eva is in the big league of ‘silicon babes’.. just after Jennifer Love Hewitt made an entry into the club when her spicy “Hawaii bikini pictures” started being circulated online.

But if it’s a rumor, Eva should not be really bothered about this one, it’s not as bad as the one about her alleged ‘sex tape’ that did rounds just weeks ago.

Eva Longoria
was awarded the prestigious German ‘Bambi Award’ for the Best International Actor for the hit TV series ‘Desperate Housewives’.

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