Madhur Bhandarkar movie ‘Fashion‘ is the one to watch out for in the fiercely competitive Diwali time box-office fights. The movie has emotions, both hard and soft, which make up the basic bone of the fashion industry. Going by the hype only, you would know the movie will be a hit. But, after seeing the movie, you would agree that it lives up to the hype.


is the story of the happenings of the fashion world. The characters include designers, label companies, artists and of course… the models. The events include fighting for the top position, prioritizing money over people and mishaps like wardrobe malfunctions. Obviously, the movie’s glam quotient has to be high.

Meghna Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) is a small-town girl with aspirations of becoming a super-model. Although, she reaches the top based on her beauty and intelligence, she faces more struggle on the top rather than on the way. Shonali Gujral (Kangna Ranaut) falls to the victim of fame and size-zero aspirations and ends up living with the lowest level of standards in the public eye. Her story bears resemblance to that of real-life story of Gitanjali Nagpal, although the matter has become controversial.

There are other characters like Janet (Mugdha Godse), Rahul Arora (Sameer Soni), Abhijit Sarin (Arbaaz Khan) and Maanav (Arjan Bajwa). The story basically showcases the different phases that people have to pass through in order to become something in the fashion industry.

Madhur has hit a master stroke with Fashion exposing the murky underbelly of the most glamorous profession in the world. Never getting preachy and avoiding stereo types, he efficiently handles the subject without getting judgmental even once.”

The movie is a bit long but the songs don’t irritate you. They are well-placed and the music is soothing if not popular. I really liked the theme tone of the movie.

Overall, it is a must-watch for everyone. If you’ll not be enthralled by it… you might just discover something about the fashion world as is the case with all Bhandarkar movies.

More photos and a video of Fashion are below.

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