Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor is making a lot of news these days for her looks. The matter seems to be slightly different this time, since it’s not her size-zero that we’re talking about here… it’s her ageing face that’s making all the headlines.

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At just 27, Bebo already has fine lines etched on her face. The creases were very visible as she smiled and encouraged contestants on a reality dance show.

Well, it is certainly bad since she’s at the peak of her career. Kareena is certainly one of the most-sought after actresses in Bollywood today and her looks are obviously very important to her.

I think may be the botox thing will be helpful and she can certainly take a clue from her Hollywood counterparts.

Talking about Hollywood stars, I’ve heard recently that Kapoor said no to a Gurinder Chadda movie starring Johny Depp! Now, that’s some grueling decision! Just yesterday, I talked about That Urmila said no to a YRF movie. Guess, Bollywood actresses are spending more time over thinking about their roles than make-up… for a change.

She’d rather do meaningful and bigger roles in Bollywood, like the ones she’s doing right now — 3 Idiots with Aamir Khan, Kambaqt Ishq with Akshay Kumar, and Main Aur Mrs Khanna with Salman Khan.

More photos and a video of Kareena Kapoor are below.

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Photos: WENN