Bollywood actress Celina Jaitley is on the lookout for a man who could give her the love that’s always been lacking in her life. The actress revealed recently in an interview that she is indeed single but… yeah, ready to mingle.

Celina Jaitley 1

“I would love to enjoy the feeling of being in love. I have been single for almost three and a half years. I am in love with the idea of being in love more than falling in love because I think I have read so many Mills And Boons . Thus I like the style and the whole idea of love.”

Though, Celina wants love in her life… she also says that she’s not ready to be committed to someone at the same time. So, that rules out any possibility of her getting married in the near future.

“I am not really ready for marriage yet. It’s really incredible but I would definitely like love in my life. I don’t deny that. But marriage, I am not ready for such a strong commitment at this age.”

Anyways, the actress is busy these days with the promotional campaign for her new movie ‘Golmaal Returns‘. The interesting point is that the more time she spends with co-star Tusshhar Kapoor in promoting the movie, the stronger the rumors of their link-up become.

Jaitley is also doing a movie with Sean Connery. The movie ‘Quest of Sheherzade’ also includes Orlando Bloom in the cast and is directed by Ken Khan.

More photos and a video of Celina Jaitley are below.

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Photos: WENN