Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s latest movie ‘Ghajini‘ is one of the most awaited movie of this year. The movie has already generated so much hype that even when Aamir’s new killer look was revealed yesterday… it sent film-lovers into a frenzy.

The actor is playing a negative role in the movie and his ripped muscles with lots of tattoos showcase him under completely different light.

aamir ghajni

He can’t remember what happened 15 minutes ago, where he is, where he’s going or why. Haunted by the memory of his lover, he re-builds his life out of photographs, charts, tattoos and obsessive habits that stand in for memory.

Yeah… the subject of the movie is a bit different from the mainstream films but, I guess, is quite interesting. Directed by A. R. Murugadoss, Ghajini is a story of a person suffering from Anterograde Amnesia, where he forgets everything after every 15 minutes and has to take the help of his tattoos to recognize things and people.

The music has been done by A.R. Rehman and lead also includes Jiah Khan.

One interesting thing about the picture: There is a phone number tattooed on Aamir’s right bicep which actually was an imagination of an assistant director. Now that number belongs to a lady doctor in Delhi who’s been busy all day long just to pick up her continuously ringing mobile phone!

Now, the director has offered her a new phone connection.

More photos and a video of Ghajini are below.

aamir 1 aamir ghajini

Photos: WENN(thumbnail 2), Ghajini Publicity Team(main, thumbnail 1)