Everyone and their mother is talking about the new look that John Abraham has donned for his new movie ‘Dostana‘. John has worked so hard on his body for the movie that ,we hear, girls in Miami had a very hard time resisting themselves from talking to him.

John 2

The well-shaped butt and the bulkier body are making the headlines of every gossip magazine.

Ever since hunky John Abraham shed all but his modesty (even the trunks resembled Daniel Craig’s ‘Bond’ swimwear) for Dostana, even flashing his (now) well-rounded butt; everyone from the industry and around are dying to know how he shaped his ‘glutes’ to perfection.

It is said that it is a male who’s behind all the work and has given him the look which totally overshadows Abhishek Bachchan in the movie.

Moreover, since Priyanka Chopra is also flashing her well-curved figure in a single-piece bikini in the movie, you’ve got more reasons to watch it! Dostana is about two guys, one a male nurse and the other a photographer, who pretend to be gay to get into a flat which is only meant for women since their third flat-mate is a girl, who is actually the niece of the landlady.

While they get through convincing the landlady, trouble comes when they both fall into love with the girl who is actually under the impression that they are gay!

We hear that Shilpa Shetty has done a sexy item number in the movie.

More photos and a video of John Abraham are below.

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