Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan has agreed to receive the controversial Malaysian award The title of Datuk, given to him by the Malacca Governor for showcasing the state’s World Heritage sites in his movies nicely.

Shah Rukh Khan

“Shahrukh has agreed to accept the award and this message was conveyed to the governor’s office. He will try to make it in November, however the date of the ceremony is yet to be fixed,” Malacca Chief Minister Mohd Ali Rustam quoted was saying by Star newspaper’s online edition on Tuesday.

The star will be going to Malacca next month to receive the award.

The news came at a time when there are some people who have been protesting against the bestowing of the award to Shah Rukh. When asked about whether the state ever thought about retracting the award keeping in mind the protests??

“How can you give something to a person and later take it back?” he said. He also defended the state’s decision to confer Datukship on the actor saying Shah Rukh Khan had helped promote Malacca to an international audience through the film ‘One 2 Ka 4’ and ‘Don’.

Meanwhile, SRK has said sorry to all his European fans after canceling his concerts in Germany and Spain. The star said that if he ever organizes a concert in Germany, he’ll first come to Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. He also said thanks to his large fan-following in Germany for making him feel like an international star.

More photos and a video of Shah Rukh Khan are below.

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