Will Smith

Hollywood star Will Smith expressed his passion about Indian beauties recently in an interview with an Indian newspaper reporter.

Will wanted to cast Ash for the movie ‘Hitch‘, but the actress had no ‘dates’ for the project.

“Aishwarya Rai turns me down all the time. Everytime I ask her, she turns me down,” he said jokingly.

He also admitted that like many other Hollywood stars, he’s also a big fan of Bollywood and he would like to come to Mumbai and would like to make a movie also with Indian actresses.

“I had a beautiful time in Mumbai. Sometime in June 2008, I’ll be making a trip,”

“I want to make a movie in India, I’d really love to. I have discussed this with my friends too. I’ve told them ‘let’s get the script and idea and let’s make it happen’!”

Amongst other things, he’s trying to rescue Earth again in I Am Legend, the blockbuster opening Dec. 14. But this time he’s much more serious and utterly alone in the role of scientist Robert Neville, the last known human survivor of a cancer treatment that mutates into a global killer virus.

His 7-year-old daughter, Willow, one of two children Smith has with actor wife Jada Pinkett, makes her feature debut playing Neville’s daughter Marley in flashback scenes.

The two-time Academy Award nominated actor has come a long way after he left his successful career as a rapper and turned to Hollywood but now he’s hoping to reunite his hip-hop crew DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince for a concert tour next summer.

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