Bollywood playback singer-turned-music producer-turned-actor and other things Himesh Reshammiya has turned into an honest man these days.

Himesh Reshammiya 2

The actor(?) has confessed in a recent interview that he knows that he’s not good looking and for that matter, will never be a good hero. Well, the first part is absolutely right, I just couldn’t understand the latter one.

“The first criterion of becoming a hero is that you have to be good-looking. That, in itself, disqualifies me,” he says.

If you’re thinking how come this weird man is talking like this… let me tell you that his latest movie Karzzzz is on the verge of a pathetic release (Yes, I’ve ruled it out before th actual release only) and the guy is trying everything in his hand to gather some stupid people talking about him and his movie.

Hell… he even went to the creators of Bigg Boss to promote his movie by getting into the already controversial house.

I don’t think by getting your chest shaved and having a much-needed hair transplant, you’ll be able to look like a stud… but dude, at least stop talking shit and focus on your acting for a change! Oh yeah… sorry, it takes more than a nose to act!!

Anyways, have you guys heard the guy has over 2000 caps in his collection! Yeah… the same number as his hair! I’ve heard he’s giving them all to his ‘loyal’ fans.

“I had problems with my hair, so I had collected all these caps and now I have decided to give away this caps to my fans and keep just one for myself,” he says.

Wanna feel like a rickshaw owner?? Go for one of those.

More photos and a video of Himesh Reshammiya are below.

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Photos: Sify, Indiazen