The movie which was supposed to be making a mark in the league of Indian superhero movies, crashed completely out of the box office, just three days after the release. Yes, we are talking about Abhishek Bachchan-starrer Drona which was supposed to be most-hyped about release of last week.

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While the other movie that was released on the same day, Kidnap, is looking quietly poised in the front row… it’s hard to call it a hit at least before two weeks.

”The occupancies for Kidnap and Drona in the first four days were 50% and 35% respectively,” says Ashish Saxena, COO, PVR Cinemas. “The content simply didn’t work out for both the films.”

So, what does the director Goldie Behl has to say?

Well, actually he doesn’t believe in saying, but carrying out remedies. Goldie has immediately cut the lengths of the songs by almost 13 minutes. The response on Friday looked like that the songs were playing a speed-breaker in the flow of the story. So, the edited version, being shown from Saturday, is just two hours long.

More photos and a video of Drona are below.

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Photos: Bollywood Movies, Rediff