Hollywood actress Sharon Stone has denied the reports that say she suggested her son to get Botox treatment done for his foot odor problem.

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“This week it was reported in connection with Sharon Stone’s custody dispute that she wanted to have her young 8 year-old son undergo Botox treatment at this time for his feet. Sharon Stone never made this statement. It is a complete fabrication,” her attorney Martin Singer tells ET. “Sharon loves her son Roan and only wants the best for him.”

There has been a lot of hue and furor over the alleged remark in the past two days. Sharon is involved in a battle to get the custody of her son, Roan. The comments were packed in court papers as part of her case.

She wants to move to Los Angeles with her son, who is currently living in San Fransisco with his father, Phil Bronstein.

The court had earlier termed Sharon’s remarks as ‘invasive’ and said the simple solution of the odor problem would be to make sure he wears socks everyday and use foot deodorant.

“Unfortunately, the problem caused by Mother’s overreactions is painfully real for this child,” the judge added.

Now, with Stone’s reply in place, it would be interesting to see where the decision will be heading to.

More photos and a video of Sharon Stone are below.

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