While Ameesha Patel has been a distinctive figure in the Indian cinema over the years, the busty actress has failed to make a permanent space in the industry despite delivering totally awesome performances in a wide variety of roles.

Ameesha 2

A lot of things have happened in the past few weeks. She has changed her name to just ‘Ameesha’ and dropped her surname after breaking off with her family and moving away separately.

While everyone thought she was cute all along, I knew there was some sultry element in those beautiful eyes. The appealing Ameesha has arrived.

Her new cover on the latest issue of Man’s World takes you to an endless journey showcasing the image of the ‘cute’ actress that no one had seen, apart from one song in Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic where she wears a bikini.

Ameesha is photographed wearing an evening suit, with her proportionate figure clearly visible and her perfect cleavage adding shine to the extremely seducing look she wears. The efforts put in the lost flab is remarkable. And then, there is the leggy Ameesha, looking all regal and sophisticated with her beautiful legs in focus.

I’ve heard she’s going great guns both professionally and, more importantly, in her personal life. She seems to have finally found love in hotelier Kanav Puri.

“I hate any man who tries too hard to impress.”

Well, it’s going to be very hard for any man to resist after seeing those photos!

More photos and a video of Ameesha are below.

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Photos: Bollywood Station, Tkda