Aaja Nachle

So, here is it… the comeback movie for the greatest actress of all time in Bollywood, Madhuri Dixit and it has taken the whole nation by storm!

Aaja Nachle opened to packed theaters with weeks of advance booking, thanks to the large fan following that Madhuri still enjoys even after being away from the industry for nearly five years.

The reviews are mixed (you can read them here and here) and it’s certainly not the biggest comeback film of all time but the brand names of Madhuri and Yashraj Productions, associated with it, are enough for the film to make scores of headlines.

“Of course the filmmakers can’t erase Ms. Dixit’s considerable sex appeal. To do that they would have to keep her from dancing, and this is Bollywood, so dance she does. In doing so, Ms. Dixit reminds us that whatever “it” is, she’s still got it. Now stories will have to be found that can show it off.”

The story is about Dia, a choreographer working New York, who goes back to her home-town in India to meet her dying teacher. After his death, Dia is confronted with a problem to save a theater from being demolished. And from this point, the film is all about her tumultuous journey in her quest to preserve what her guru so lovingly nurtured.

There are no other big names in the movie, apart from Madhuri, with only Kunal Kapoor (of Rang De Basanti fame) and Konkona Sen worth mentioning.

So, the stage is set for Madhuri, let’s wait and see if she rocks!

Aaja Nachle Aaja Nachle Aaja Nachle