Vinod Kambli is in the news these days because all off-the-ground reasons. First, it was his wedding and now it’s the new reality dance show on Colors. While, the dance show may not excite many of us, his newly married wife Andrea Hewitt sure can!

Andrea and Vinod Kambli 2

Everybody is talking about Andrea Kambli, a small time model, who has the statistics to floor almost anyone.

It’s Kambli’s second marriage and he was introduced to Andrea through a common friend.

“We hit it off instantly,” she smiles. “What I like best about him is the fact that even when he’s going through tough times, he can smile. He actually laughs and tries to make people laugh even under pressure.”

Although not much is known about the busty lady, only that she’s done a few commercials and is certainly not a cricket lover!

“But, I like to watch him play. In fact, I hope he gets an opportunity to play for the country,” she says, with a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

Of course, the former Indian team member is still trying to get a place back in the team.

By the way, the wedding took place on 8th September and Vinod’s close friend Sachin couldn’t make it to the function, which was a close family affair.

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More photos of Vinod and Andrea Kambli are below.

Andrea and Vinod Kambli Andrea and Vinod Kambli 3 Andrea and Vinod Kambli 4

Photos: rediff, cricinfo