Former Miss India Gul Panag has shocked everyone by appearing in a bikini on the cover of Maxim recently. The actress has surely gone for an image makeover and with what style!

Gul Panag 3

When asked about the whole photo shoot, this was her reply:

“I can look good in a bikini or any other sexy outfit or equally convincing in a nightie. That’s the job of an actor”

Ya sure baby, you look definitely good!

My image of Gul was always of a cute Indian girl who would, forget the bikini, never even go for a fashion magazine photo shoot. Surely, she didn’t like people thinking of her like that when every other girl is shedding clothes in Bollywood and even Kareena had to trim down and show some of her oomph quotient to get noticed by the public.

But, Panag doesn’t think so.

“It was not for a change in my image. I am very happy to have the image that I have. I am associated with a certain type of work and I don’t want to change that ever. But what is important is that people should understand that what they see on screen and what I am are two different persons,” Gul said.

After at least six years in the industry, I guess Gul has opted for the tried and tested route after trying almost everything she could!

Of course… she again disagrees.

“You must be kidding me! Me, getting desperate, and that too to see myself in a costume which is far less revealing than a swimming costume? Come on, give me a break!”

Well, only time will tell if the whole thing goes by her way. But, I’m sure many of her fans will be shocked and quite surprised to see this ‘other person’ in her.

Check out her Maxim pictures here.

More photos and a video of Gul Panag are below.

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Photos: The Bollywood Zone, Rediff