The much-awaited Shyam Benegal comedy ‘Welcome To Sajjanpur‘ released today with rave reviews. It might be the opening effect but you never know what’s in store for the movie as the director himself is a legend and of course the publicity team has succeeded in creating a good amount of hype.

Welcome To Sajjanpur 2

Welcome To Sajjanpur is a highly character-centric film and is dependent on particularly the small-town and rural audience.

Mahadev, played by Shreyas Talpade, is an aspiring novelist who is one of the few educated ones in a village called Sajjanpur. The guy is a letter-writer and it’s his letters only which have deep consequences on the story of the movie, which is written by Ashok Mishra.

The movie picks up good speed in the second half and this is where all the action happens. The chemistry between Mahadev and his sweetheart Kamala (Amrita Rao) is also to be noted. Then there are other characters like Munni Bai (Ravi Jhankal) and Mausi (Ila Arun) who gave a truly rural look of an Indian village.

Director Shyam Benegal impresses me the most with his touch not at all fading even after forty years in the industry. It should be noted that he made a comedy movie after almost 34 years. From the music side, Shantanu Moitra doesn’t fail to impress us. The song Sitaram Sitaram is already a hit in the countryside and the rest of them are also quite catchy.

“Shyam Benegal has always been accredited as a mesmerizing storyteller known for making ‘meaningful’ cinema. This time he also caters to commercial consumers, coming up with his most ‘entertaining’ attempt, by far.”

All in all, I expect the movie to be a hit at least if you look at the rural business. Multiplex audience will be heading for a mixed response.

You can check out the official movie website for complete cast, soundtrack and plot details.

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Photo Source: Rediff, Sify