Supermodel Shamita Singha has recently appeared in a pro-vegetarian PETA ad, covered in almost a million red chillies! Shamita confesses that she’s all for the cause.

Shamita Singha

“I turned vegetarian when I was quite young because I realized that if I really loved animals, I could not eat them. And that meat is not healthy and not good for your body.” And for those who wondered and wandered thinking about the secret of her oh-so-sexy figure, here is the reply from the horse’s mouth, “I am a vegetarian, and so I eat a lot of veggies, salads and fruits, and those foods are alive, so I am alive! And in terms of working out, I get all my energy from veggies and fresh stuff.”

The interesting bit of the ad is that the tagline says: ‘Spice up your life’ and you’re left to wonder is it the chillies or the lady they are talking about! Certainly, it’s really hard to guess which of the two is hotter.

Shamita is lying on a bed of chillies, wearing nothing but strategically covered up and staring at you in a manner of talking you out of eating non-veg food… so convincing that the first comment on the news said:

“I have turned non-vegetarian after looking at her photo.”

Now that’s funny!

Anyways, Shamita Singha is a popular show host and a VJ with Zoom channel. Her show ‘Maximum Style’ is one of the most popular fashion shows in India. She rose to fame as the winner of Miss Internet Award 2001 during Miss Earth contest.

The model, who is also known to be associated with Bangalore fashion designers Mohit and Shantanu, is one of the few who opine that size zero is totally unattractive.

“There are some people who are naturally slim. But those who are not, should never try to become a size zero as it is not natural for their body.”

More pictures and video below.

Shamita Singha 2 Shamita Singha 3 Shamita Singha 4

Photo Source: ImagePundit, PETA